Photo du Jour #70: Saved by a Superhero – San Francisco

Superhero directs traffic in San Francisco

During a recent jaunt to San Francisco, we were attempting to cross the street when a hurried driver came rushing into the crosswalk. In a scene out of a comic book, our hero stopped traffic – much to the chagrin of the motorist. :)

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16 Comments on “Photo du Jour #70: Saved by a Superhero – San Francisco

    • Ramey, yes, I love the whimsical happenings SF offers. It’s a pleasure to connect – sounds as though you had quite the adventure in Jordan and beyond.

    • Thanks Virginia, but I must admit, what is the Big Bang as it relates to superheroes? I think I’ve been living away overseas for too long, for I’ve lost touch with American pop culture. :(

    • Bashar, the chance superhero meeting made our day. :) We saw a few superheros in Seattle as well. My cousin, a Seattleite, said one in particular was getting well known.

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