Canadian Flag on Toronto BuildingHappy Canada Day Greetings, From Ottawa!

Greetings from Toronto. ‘Tis a grand day to be in Canada, and what a wonderful road trip we’ve had through Ontario and Québec this past week! Two days ago, we explored lovely Ottawa on foot. In preparation for Canada’s birthday celebrations, which are taking place today, the capital city was getting dressed in an abundance of red, white and magnificent maple leaves.


Kensington Neighborhood Street Sign in Toronto with ChairKicking Back in Kensington, Toronto

A mustard-colored chair, with a sun-drenched model of the earth sitting on it, signified our arrival in Toronto’s Kensington neighborhood. For several hours, we strolled around the quirky district, admiring its multicultural characteristics, fun personalities and businesses with character. Our stroll was illuminated by a sapphire blue sky. 



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