Above the Rooftops of Heidelberg: Views from the Church of the Holy Spirit





Oberammergau Cemetery in SnowAngels, Busts & Saints Dressed in Snow: A Visit to Oberammergau’s Cemetery





DSC_0275Apprentice for an Afternoon: Lessons with Germany’s Old World Artisans




Featured Post Neuschwanstein Castle cAn Autumn Afternoon at the Neuschwanstein Castle





Leonhardiritt horse blessing in UnterammergauA Bavarian Horse-Blessing Ceremony





Buzzing About Bart: The Bumble Bee with a Fondness for German Gingerbread





Oberammergau15Celebrating Mariä Himmelfahrt Day in Oberammergau, Germany







OberammergauChristmasMarket10Celebrating Saint Nicholas Day & Germany’s Christmas Market Season



Kofel in Oberammergau with two people biking along river

Conquering the Kofel, Oberammergau’s Signature Mountain





Dirndls for slaeDizzied by a Dazzling Array of Dirndls in Bavaria





Fasching Parade in Heidelberg157Fasching Festivities, German Style







Flowers to Wish You a Happy Day






Frohe Ostern – Easter Greetings from Germany








girl holding pretzel on stick at german festivalGermany’s Sommertagszug Tradition: Greeting Spring & Bidding Farewell to Winter






Greeting Autumn at the Heidelberger Herbstfest – Germany







Oberammergau picturesThe Last Days of Summer – Oberammergau





Love in the Air at the Heidelberg Castle






Windows of Oberammergau, Germany 1The Lüftlmalerei-Adorned Windows of Oberammergau







Kofel Oberammergau in Snow 1Mount Kofel Dressed in Snow






A Nibbling Donkey & A Snow Camel: More Holiday Scenes from Oberammergau, Germany




DSC_0995Of Angels & Alphornists: Out & About in Oberammergau, Germany






 Ettal-Monastery-Germany-Kloster-EttalA Peek at the Ettal Monastery





Schloss LinderhofA Peek at Linderhof Palace




Pumpkin Fest Ludwigsburg Germany KuerbisausstellungPumpkins, Proceratosaurus & a Palace: Perusing the World’s Largest Pumpkin Festival







Schuhplattler german folk dance Oberammergau 1Slap Happy: Dancing the Schuhplattler in Oberammergau, Bavaria 





Snails, Wild Boar and Fairy Tales: Exploring Heidelberg’s Enchanting Forest






snow on the ground with kofel mountain overhead quoteSnowy Vignettes from an Alpine Paradise






Leonhardiritt Unterammergau Horse TailsTails from a German Horse-Blessing Ceremony






Women in Bavarian clothes OktoberfestA Toast to Oktoberfest





DSC_0648Twisting Tongues in Bavaria






Under the Rainbow – Heidelberg







Why I Adore Heidelberg: Celebrating Ten Years in the Loveliest of Cities





Oberammergau frost on window - germanyWinter Wonderland Wisdom







Oberammergau frescoesWoodcarvings, Passion Plays & Bavarian Attire: Germany’s Oberammergau



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