The Beguiling Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala’s backwaters are beguiling – life moves at a slower pace on these famous waterways and there’s a distinct sense that dreams can effortlessly be born and nurtured there.  The quiet lagoons and lakes are just about 45 minutes from the charming tourist town of Fort Kochi making them the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle that is standard, but fascinating fare in India. 


A Golden Afternoon at Elephanta Island

Wanting to escape the hustle, bustle and sardine-packed nature of manic Mumbai, we boarded a boat at the city’s Gateway of India monument bound for lush Elephanta Island. The island’s former name Gharapuri (meaning ‘place of caves’) is fitting given Elephanta boasts numerous caves with elaborate Hindu and Buddhist carvings – considered to be some of the finest in India. They’re thought to have been created and carved between AD 450 and 750. 


Happy Holi! Celebrating the Festival of Colors in Goa

If you were in India today, chances are that you would now be sporting rainbow hues from head to toe, for today is Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is a Hindu celebration that welcomes spring and its abundant colors and bids farewell to winter. Originally, Holi commemorated successful harvests. 


Masquerading in Local Attire in Kerala, India

One of my dear Indian friends back home begged Shawn and me to don traditional Indian attire, snap evidence of our foray on a makeshift catwalk, and then share the images of our masquerade here.  Since space is at such a premium in our luggage, we could not justify the added weight of a man’s traditional lungi (or white sarong-like skirt, worn long or rolled-up, depending upon the heat and humidity levels). 


Monkey Business at Elephanta Island

Perhaps I should seek employment as a surveillance photographer for I found it so amusing to catch mischievous primates on film in Bali, Cambodia and India! This cheeky monkey was spotted on Elephanta Island. To get there, we had to take a 50-minute boat ride from India Gate in Mumbai / Bombay.

First, the little macaque checked the scene to ensure she wasn’t being watched. 


Man doing sun salutation in the Lodi Gardens - New Delhi, IndiaStrolling New Delhi’s Lodi Gardens: Sun Salutations, Water Lilies & Tombs

I hopped out of the chattering auto rickshaw and stepped onto the quiet New Delhi street. Much of the city was still in a deep slumber in the leafy district, not far from the Lodi Gardens. It was my first full morning in India. I felt a strange blend of timidness and Indiana Jones-like curiosity brewing as I entered the park so full of handsome and old stone architecture. 


The Taj Mahal in Black & White & Corn?

You’ve undoubtedly seen the image of the Taj Mahal numerous times, but still, nothing can compare you for your first real-life glimpse. With pure excitement that morning in Agra, I woke up with the roosters, determined to arrive before thousands of additional visitors joined me. It was my first time in India.

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