A Butterfly Fashion Show at the Penang Butterfly Farm

As a child, I was the epitome of a tomboy. I’d spend hours in my childhood home’s back yard in the Midwestern United States, hunting for critters large and small, tending to my open air clubhouse, and maintaining the ravine’s trails as if I were a park ranger. Because of this past, it’s no surprise that I so enjoyed our visit to the Penang Butterfly Farm, outside of Georgetown, Malaysia, several months ago. 


Georgetown, Malaysia: An Illustration in Contrasts

A stroll through Georgetown gives one a sense of being whisked to several countries in a matter of hours. In this largely Chinese city, bundles of smoldering incense scent the maze of bustling streets as crimson red lanterns sway overhead. Bollywood music rumbles in Little India, echoing off storefronts dotted with colorful saris and bins of sparkly bangles. Women donning headscarfs whizz by on motorbikes. A pristine white clock tower from the colonial era commemorates the reign of Queen Victoria. Georgetown is indeed an illustration of contrasts.


A Mélange of Spirituality, Faces & Culinary Treats in Malacca, Malaysia

After escaping the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur we were delighted to arrive in comparably sleepy Malacca, a UNESCO heritage city, two hours south from Malaysia’s hectic capital city. Melacca was colonized for centuries and the remnants of Portuguese, Dutch and British occupation are evident in the architecture – most notably the Dutch Stadhuys town hall building, as well as the former Portuguese fort and Chinese merchant homes and businesses. 


The Petronas Towers in Black & White

With the aid of their spires, the Petronas Towers rise 1,483 feet ( 451.9 meters) into the heavens over Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur (KL). For six years, they held the title of being the tallest buildings in the world, until they were surpassed by Taipei 101. Today, they are still the world’s tallest twin towers; they have 88 floors. 


Scenes from Malacca, Malaysia

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