Buzzing About Bart: The ‘Bumble Bee’ with a Fondness for German Gingerbread

When my husband, Shawn, moved to Germany last October, I welcomed him home with a traditional German indulgence – Lebkuchen, or gingerbread. It’s the kind of sweet treat that’s plentiful at Oktoberfest stands and German wine fests each fall. The messages piped onto the heart-shaped gingerbread range from mischievous phrases to sweet nothings. The heart I carefully chose for ShawnContinue reading “Buzzing About Bart: The ‘Bumble Bee’ with a Fondness for German Gingerbread”

Flowers to Wish You a Happy Day

I’ve always thought that those who work at ice cream or florist shops must have perpetually happy days. There’s something about a golden cone overflowing with heaping scoops of ice cream, or paper brimming with beautiful flowers from the neighborhood Blumen shop that puts one in a cheery mood! For a time, I developed my own ritualContinue reading “Flowers to Wish You a Happy Day”