A Guide to ‘Losing Your Heart’ in Heidelberg, Germany, My Home for a Decade

I lost my heart in Heidelberg…so goes a line from a famous German song of the same name (Ich hab’ mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren).

Heidelberg has romantic castle ruins, cobbled riverside walkways, and a gorgeous setting nestled between two leafy mountains. With these charming attributes, it’s no wonder why visitors often “lose their hearts” in this southwestern German city.

I called this fairy tale community home for ten years, so I’m often asked for advice about things to do in Heidelberg. In response, I created this guide for first-timers who want to best enjoy this graceful city on the Neckar River. I’ve covered everything from historic tidbits and tasty eateries to shopping spots and places to soak up the best views.

All recommendations are within walking distance of Heidelberg’s Old Town (Altstadt). The Hauptstrasse (Main Street) is the Old Town’s epicenter.

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Snails, Wild Boar & Fairy Tales: Exploring Heidelberg’s Enchanting Forest

The forested hills cradling Heidelberg’s Old Town have been one of my favorite settings in which to explore and escape for the past decade. Before I met my husband, Shawn, I often made the ascent there independently to ponder life goals or jot hand-written letters to family and friends. Sometimes, I’d take friends or my parents along for the serene hike. Now, Shawn and I go there together — whether to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or to commune with nature under the trees’ exquisite canopies.

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