A Stroll Through Balinese Markets


Balinese markets are a feast for the eyes. In Ubud’s bazaar and food and produce markets, there are stacks of colorful rattan offering boxes, wooden masks with intimidating gazes, small cases comprised of beads in swirling patterns, delicate batik silk scarves, walls of oil-adorned canvases, and overflowing mounds of tropical fruits. The markets are a shopper’s paradise, a photographer’s dream…

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A Lesson in Making Balinese Canang Sari

On a quiet and serene morning in Ubud, I was invited to learn how to make beautiful Balinese canang sari. These floral spiritual offerings adorn Bali’s temples, streets, home entrances, and any place that the Balinese people believe to be sacred. You might even spot some on trees and statues.

The setting for my lesson was the rice paddy-encircled home of a gentle woman named Nyoman.

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An Afternoon with “Eat, Pray, Love’s” Ketut Liyer in Bali, Indonesia

Eat, Pray, Love ’s footprint is everywhere in Ubud, Bali, where the best-selling book’s author, Elizabeth Gilbert, spent her love chapter. From the plethora of single women who pound Ubud’s streets, to the clichéd tours and Balinese people who name-drop locals Ketut and Wayan, who were featured in the best-seller, the book’s influence is ever-evident.

Having heard what a character the spiritual healer Ketut Liyer is, Shawn and I thought it would be fun to spend a few moments with him.

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Backstage at Balinese Dance Class

In Jimbaran, Bali, we had the great fortune to have been befriended by a local named Mariana. Along with his extended family, Mariana exposed us to rich aspects of Balinese culture – everything from his nephew’s 42-day ceremony, to full moon celebrations at a neighborhood temple, to Prana Shakti practice, to traditional Balinese dance. Mariana is a bit like a Balinese Renaissance man as he is a Prana Shakti practitioner, talented and expressive dancer, and family man with four daughters. Continue reading “Backstage at Balinese Dance Class”

Lessons From a Balinese Classroom: Our Visit to an English Class in Jimbaran

As I go through life, and especially when I travel, I am reminded of a lesson from Mark Twain:

We are all alike, on the inside.”

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