Canada Day Greetings from Ottawa

Greetings from Toronto, where it’s Canada Day. Informally speaking, you can say that it’s Canada’s birthday. Technically, July 1st is the anniversary of the country’s creation back on July 1, 1867. Two days ago, Shawn and I explored Ottawa on foot. In preparation for Canada’s birthday celebrations, the capital city was getting dressed in anContinue reading “Canada Day Greetings from Ottawa”

Happy Holi! Celebrating the Festival of Colors in Goa

If you were in India today, chances are that you would now be sporting rainbow hues from head to toe, because today is Holi, the Festival of Colors. Holi is a Hindu celebration that welcomes spring and bids farewell to winter. Originally, Holi commemorated successful harvests. As we prepared to take on streams of colorfulContinue reading “Happy Holi! Celebrating the Festival of Colors in Goa”