Georgetown, Malaysia: An Illustration of Contrasts

A stroll through Georgetown gives one a sense of being whisked to several countries in a matter of hours. In this largely Chinese city, bundles of smoldering incense scent the maze of bustling streets as crimson red lanterns sway overhead. Bollywood music rumbles in Little India, echoing off storefronts dotted with colorful saris and binsContinue reading “Georgetown, Malaysia: An Illustration of Contrasts”

Culinary, Spiritual, and Architectural Diversity in Melaka, Malaysia

After escaping the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur we were delighted to arrive in sleepy Melaka, a UNESCO World Heritage Site two hours south from Malaysia’s hectic capital city. Melaka was colonized for centuries. Even today, the remnants of Portuguese, Dutch, and British occupation are evident in the architecture — most notably the DutchContinue reading “Culinary, Spiritual, and Architectural Diversity in Melaka, Malaysia”