Grape Diplomacy in the Moldovan Countryside

In the late-afternoon light, the gingerbread homes of the Moldovan village, Rosu, were bathed in golden hues. The homes’ green and periwinkle-blue fences, and wooden adornments on their gables cast frilly shadows on the dirt road, as Shawn and I embarked on an evening stroll.

The wire arbors over the homes’ driveways were brimming with grapes wearing muted amethyst, plum, and seafoam-green hues. They ranged from smaller clusters to plump specimens, calling me to spirit away a bunch or two. They looked so tempting.

As I stopped to photograph a green trellis studded with grapes overhead, two women chatting on the street, called out to us in Moldovan.

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Photo du Jour #58: Meeting of the Matrioshki – Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

cluster of Matryoshkas dolls for sale - Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Matryoshka dolls await buyers at a market in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. The first set of such wooden nesting dolls was made in the late 1890s. The word matryoshka or матрёшка means ‘little maiden’ in Russian.

The designs of the delightful dolls featured above are pretty traditional, however, in countries such as the Czech Republic, Russia and even Bosnia-Herzegovina, politicians’ faces and those of famous athletes are appearing on such figures.

What unique faces have you encountered on matryoshka dolls during your travels?