Dizzied by a Dazzling Array of Dirndls in Bavaria


Whenever I see Bavarians dressed in traditional German attire, I can’t help but recall a playful prank that my former American colleagues routinely played on friends and family who would come to visit them in Germany. The husband and wife would get laced up in their finest Trachten-wear (German traditional dress consisting of men’s Lederhosen (leather pants) and a St. Pauli Girl-esque Dirndl (dress)) and pick up their guests at the Frankfurt Airport in costume. Before their meeting, they explained to their friends that they would be dressed in such a manner so they could better blend in with the locals, and not perpetuate the ‘ugly American’ stereotype.


Anyone who’s been to Germany would know their clothing caper to be just that – a prank – but apparently many friends were initially naïve, resulting in a good laugh.

In Oberammergau, where we’ve been living the past two months, it’s not uncommon to see a handful of locals sporting their Bavarian best. Most often, we spot gentlemen in green or grey woolen hats – adorned with pewter pins with hunting motifs, feathers, and brushes made of spiky goat hair.

DSC_0810 DSC_0811

A few days ago, my husband and I, battling a case of ‘cabin fever,’ embarked on a brisk walk through the village. The weather has been unseasonably cold lately, and we quickly developed popsicle toes and fingertips. Seeking an escape from the chilly temperatures before we turned back toward home, we stopped in a traditional clothing store and found ourselves wowed by the array of Bavarian garments for sale.


The attention to detail was pleasing: engraved buttons, intricate stitching and colorful fabrics. Prices there generally averaged 200 Euro (about $265) for a Dirndl, plus the price of a frilly, white, cropped blouse. Needless to say, I have three simple Dirndls in my wardrobe (two of which I’ve sported and been spilled upon at Oktoberfest), so I didn’t buy another. The shopkeeper was so friendly and enthusiastic about the upcoming collection, that I might be inclined to do so in the future, though.


For the record, Shawn didn’t take an interest in, nor buy the Lederhosen-inspired swim trunks. :)

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