Capturing the Colour from East to West

“The whole world, as we experience it visually, comes to us from the mystic realm of color. Our entire being is nourished by it. This mystic quality of color should likewise find expression in a work of art.” -Hans Hoffman

Two lovely and talented photographers nominated me to submit entries into the Capture the Colour Contest whose entries have been sweeping the world. Thank you, Marina Chetner, and Vielen Dank, Cornelia Weber for your nominations. I’m honored and flattered!

Readers, I encourage you to check out these creative ladies’ websites: Marina Chetner: Be Inspired Through Travel &  Bikram Yoga Musings & Cornelia Weber Photography.

Without further ado, here are my Capture the Colour submissions from Vietnam, Germany, France, and India:

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Light Wisdom Inspired by a Sea of Vietnamese Lanterns

By night, Hoi An, Vietnam is transformed into a dazzling paradise glimmering with brilliant silk lanterns, paper luminaries, and warm candlelight. With the sky cloaked in darkness, we strolled by the Thu Bon River and watched as the colorful luminaries danced on the water. Vendors of all ages sold them along the water’s edge to visitors who passed by to admire the night’s splendor.

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Scenes from Hoi An, Vietnam

Even on the most overcast of days, Hoi An’s streets are replete with color.

Salespeople stand before crumbling, mustard-colored buildings, enticing the young — and the young at heart — with bunches of fluorescent balloons.

Nearby, market stalls overflow with vibrant-colored produce. There are miniature bananas, silk scarves of every hue, and blue and white dishes with abstract landscapes delicately painted on them.

Fluffy, ginger-colored dogs rest on the pavement, watching the world go by.

And handmade lanterns brighten the streets — by day and by night.

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To Market, To Market: Scenes From Vietnam

The stalls and baskets of Vietnam’s traditional markets overflow with a colorful spectrum of tempting produce: spiky green durian fruit, porcupine-like pink rambutans, chubby carrots, and spring-green onions that could inflict tickling torture. Ladies clad in nón lá hats share the new day’s gossip while selling mountains of rice paper, slabs of tofu, live chickens, flowers and herbs.

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Basket Boats, Chinese Fishing Nets & Non La Hats: A Thu Bon River Boat Ride From Hoi An, Vietnam

Along Hoi An, Vietnam’s riverside, numerous boat owners offer to rent their wooden vessels for journeys of an hour or more. Since Hoi An’s coastal position afforded it such a great trading fortune in centuries past, we were eager to explore the Mekong’s waters by boat.

With a Vietnamese dong rate negotiated, we hopped onto the watercraft. The last morsels of a bundle of incense sticks burned at the helm, honoring the spirits and expressing the driver’s and passengers’ wishes for a safe voyage. Like most boats in the region, a primitive eye was painted on the bow – designed to ward off evil spirits and to find the way.

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Photo du Jour: A Canine Convention on a Vietnamese Balcony

Old Town Hoi An’s buildings are painted in a French colonial yellow, with lantern accessories and moss-covered walls and balusters. Another common accent are Vietnamese watchdogs. Some are calm and seemingly-immune to the flurry of never-ending activity, whereas others, like the quartet featured here, cannot refrain from barking at one another or the passersby just under their noses.

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Photo du Jour: Selling Floating Paper Lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

An evening stroll along the riverside in Hoi An, Vietnam, produces a number of fascinating images, to include this one of a floating lantern vendor. For just 20,000 Vietnamese Dong, or $1 USD, we launched yellow and red lanterns out into the wide open water.

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