Scenes from Hoi An, Vietnam

Even on the most overcast of days, Hoi An’s streets are replete with color.

Salespeople stand before crumbling, mustard-colored buildings, enticing the young — and the young at heart — with bunches of fluorescent balloons.

Nearby, market stalls overflow with vibrant-colored produce. There are miniature bananas, silk scarves of every hue, and blue and white dishes with abstract landscapes delicately painted on them.

Fluffy, ginger-colored dogs rest on the pavement, watching the world go by.

And handmade lanterns brighten the streets — by day and by night.

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Photo du Jour: A Canine Convention on a Vietnamese Balcony

Old Town Hoi An’s buildings are painted in a French colonial yellow, with lantern accessories and moss-covered walls and balusters. Another common accent are Vietnamese watchdogs. Some are calm and seemingly-immune to the flurry of never-ending activity, whereas others, like the quartet featured here, cannot refrain from barking at one another or the passersby just under their noses.

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Photo du Jour: Selling Floating Paper Lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

An evening stroll along the riverside in Hoi An, Vietnam, produces a number of fascinating images, to include this one of a floating lantern vendor. For just 20,000 Vietnamese Dong, or $1 USD, we launched yellow and red lanterns out into the wide open water.

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