Photo du Jour: Dirt Roads & Sunbrellas in the Laotian Countryside

While having a traditional noodle soup lunch in the Laotian province of Xieng Khouang, these ladies strolled past us. Laotian ladies – like those we met in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam –  go to great lengths to protect their skin from the sun’s vibrant rays.

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell . All Rights Reserved.

Bridging a Divide on the Backroads of Cambodia’s Takeo Province

It was on the dusty backroads in Cambodia’s Takeo Province that a well-travelled toy fish found its way to a new home. To get there, the little fish literally had to bridge a divide.

One morning, we packed our borrowed bikes’ baskets with bottles of water and a purple plush toy. The toy fish, with its big eyes and soft fur, had travelled with us for two months in our limited and cramped luggage space – from Germany, to Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and finally, Cambodia. For weeks, we had been waiting to find the perfect young recipient. This morning, we were sure we would find him or her on the provincial back roads. Eighty percent of Cambodians live in the rural provinces.

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