Photo du Jour: Nap Time in Saigon

Despite the noise of thousands of whizzing motorbikes, a man in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam managed to catch some zzzzs in an ergonomically challenging position.

When I snapped this shot, a man looking out the neighboring restaurant window flashed me a wide grin. He signaled his approval of the captured Kodak moment with a hearty thumbs-up.

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To Market, To Market: Scenes From Vietnam

The stalls and baskets of Vietnam’s traditional markets overflow with a colorful spectrum of tempting produce: spiky green durian fruit, porcupine-like pink rambutans, chubby carrots, and spring-green onions that could inflict tickling torture. Ladies clad in nón lá hats share the new day’s gossip while selling mountains of rice paper, slabs of tofu, live chickens, flowers and herbs.

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