Split, Croatia in Black & White

One of our first nights in Split, an older gentleman dressed in a trench-coat approached us on the cobbled streets of the city’s old town.

“May I help you with something?” he asked in polished English that was subtly embellished with a Croatian accent.

We explained that we were not lost, and that we were simply taking in the details around us – the marvelous hodgepodge of 1,700 years of architecture that makes Split so special.

The gentleman, who introduced himself as Ante, continued.

“May I show you a few things here,” he asked. “I have been writing a book on Diocletian’s Palace. Sadly, too many of the people who live here fly by all this history. They aren’t interested in it. They take it for granted”

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Scenes from Dubrovnik, Croatia


“If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” – George Bernard Shaw

Dubrovnik. The Croatian city’s name conjures images of forbidding city walls, fire red rooftops, buildings crafted out of white stone, and a graceful city perched above the vast Adriatic.

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Photo du Jour: The Impish Canines of Trogir, Croatia

During the early morning hours, the streets of Trogir belong to the city’s canine residents. The dogs (known as pas in Croatian) roam the network of narrow streets in the old town, going about their business in a carefree manner. Many are leash-less and solo, out for an adventure in the ancient town.

While out photographing last week, I rounded a corner and encountered this scruffy fellow.  He paused, as if I’d just caught him in the midst of a mischievous act, posed for the camera, and then trotted over to say hi, before making his rounds in the neighborhood.

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Photo du Jour: Saved by a Superhero in San Francisco

Superhero directs traffic in San Francisco

During a recent jaunt to San Francisco, we were attempting to cross the street when a hurried driver came rushing into the crosswalk. In a scene out of a comic book, our hero stopped traffic — much to the chagrin of the motorist. :)

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Kicking Back in Kensington – Toronto

Kensington Neighborhood Street Sign in Toronto with Chair

A mustard-colored chair, with a sun-drenched model of the earth sitting on it, signified our arrival in Toronto’s Kensington neighborhood. For several hours, we strolled around the quirky district, admiring its multicultural qualities, fun characters and distinctive businesses. Our stroll was illuminated by a sapphire blue sky.

Toronto Street Scene

Kensington Toronto Streetscape

Kensington Market - Toronto

There were beds of happy daisies and hollyhocks,

Daisies in Toronto

Hollyhocks in Kensington, Toronto

cars befitting one with a green thumb,

Garden Car in Kensington, Toronto

vibrant murals,

Toronto School Mural

bikers with flair and companions,

Man in costume riding in Kensington, Toronto

Woman biking with dog in Kensington, Toronto

and fun architectural details on gingerbread homes and shops.

House in Kensington Toronto

Street Art in Kensington Toronto

Detail of Kensington House - Toronto

Kensington Building Detail - Toronto

Street Light in Toronto College Street

Shop in Kensington, Toronto

Kensington Diners- Toronto

Piercing sign in Toronto - Kensington

Victorian Architecture in Kensington, Toronto

We spied churches and synagogues,

Church in Toronto - Kensington

Ukranian Church in Toronto

Synagogue in Kensington, Toronto

and moose on a balcony.

Kensington Toronto Maple Leaf Moose

After criss-crossing the district on foot, we yearned to fill our bellies with a big, fat burrito. We went heavy on the spicy sauce, making our tongues sizzle as much as our bodies had under the hot, hot sun.

Big Fat Burrito in Kensington, Toronto

Big Fat Burrito in Kensington, Toronto

Tips jar in Kensington Toronto

Kensington - Toronto

We returned to lanes bathed in late afternoon sunlight, and dotted with shadows and silhouettes.

Kensington Home - White Picket Fence - Toronto

Kensington Streetscape - Toronto - Muraled building

A flame flickered in an old-fashioned lamp in front of the local fire station.

Firehouse in Kensington, Toronto

Firehouse in Kensington, Toronto

Firehouse in Kensington, Toronto

Before we knew it, it was time to hop back onto the metro and return to our home away from home.

Firehouse in Kensington, Toronto

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Scenes from Hoi An, Vietnam

Even on the most overcast of days, Hoi An’s streets are replete with color.

Salespeople stand before crumbling, mustard-colored buildings, enticing the young — and the young at heart — with bunches of fluorescent balloons.

Nearby, market stalls overflow with vibrant-colored produce. There are miniature bananas, silk scarves of every hue, and blue and white dishes with abstract landscapes delicately painted on them.

Fluffy, ginger-colored dogs rest on the pavement, watching the world go by.

And handmade lanterns brighten the streets — by day and by night.

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