Photo du Jour: A Ride Through the Pink City – Jaipur, India

Woman riding bus in Jaipur, India

Even though my maiden voyage to India was nearly four years ago, I vividly remember that first afternoon exploring Jaipur, the so-called ‘Pink City’. With my  new camera in hand, I delighted in capturing images of vibrantly-painted elephants, bus passengers, and motorcyclists as the auto rickshaw I was riding in passed them. Naively, I initially thought I was pretty camouflaged, tucked away under the dark awning of that chugging rickshaw. Yet, the images of these bus passengers flirting with my camera’s lens illustrate that my camera and I instead stuck out like a sore thumb. :)

Man riding bus in Jaipur, India

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Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.