Perusing the Pumpkin Patch

After ten years of life abroad sans an authentic jack o’lantern, I was delighted to awaken my Halloween spirit by visiting a veritable American pumpkin patch last autumn, following a splendid long weekend in Napa Valley. The California farm’s scruffy scarecrows, colorful gourds, and pumpkins transformed into storybook characters brought to mind some of my favorite HalloweenContinue reading “Perusing the Pumpkin Patch”

A Long Weekend in California Wine Country: Getting a Taste for Napa and Sonoma Wines (Part 2)

Note: This is part two of the series, Long Weekend in California Wine Country. Click the image for part one. 

Photo du Jour: Saved by a Superhero in San Francisco

During a recent jaunt to San Francisco, we were attempting to cross the street when a hurried driver came rushing into the crosswalk. In a scene out of a comic book, our hero stopped traffic — much to the chagrin of the motorist. :)

Welcome, 2013!

Greetings Dear Readers, and Happy 2013! 2012 was an outstanding year, and it’s been a great pleasure sharing our journeys with you and virtually traveling along on yours as well. Thank you for your insight and support! It’s been my tradition for several years to send out an end-of-year travelogue to my friends and family.Continue reading “Welcome, 2013!”

Azure Skies, Emerald Firs and Sparkling Lake Tahoe: A Second Anniversary Celebration

In 2010, I was twice married — to the same groom. As if describing two seasonal palaces, my husband and I like to playfully refer to our two marriages as the ‘summer wedding’ and the ‘winter wedding’.  Whereas some spouses have a difficult time remembering one wedding anniversary, we aspire to remember the date weContinue reading “Azure Skies, Emerald Firs and Sparkling Lake Tahoe: A Second Anniversary Celebration”

Photo du Jour: A Solar Corona and Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower

Ce qui se passe à Vegas, reste à Vegas… Or perhaps, for French readers out there, Une indiscretion à Vegas reste un secret à Vegas. :) During our visit to ‘Sin City’ while criss-crossing the continent earlier this summer, the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of the Old World ‘City of Lights’ – looked as thoughContinue reading “Photo du Jour: A Solar Corona and Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower”