Dizzied by a Dazzling Array of Dirndls in Bavaria

Whenever I see Bavarians dressed in traditional German attire, I can’t help but recall a playful prank that my former American colleagues routinely played on friends and family who would come to visit them in Germany. The husband and wife would get laced up in their finest Trachten-wear (German traditional dress consisting of men’s LederhosenContinue reading “Dizzied by a Dazzling Array of Dirndls in Bavaria”

Twisting Tongues in Bavaria

German words have a reputation for being long, and at times, very descriptive. I have a few quirky favorites. The first is Zahnfleisch, which literally means “tooth meat” or “gums.” The other is Schneebesen, which literally translates to “snow broom,” but means “whisk.”