The Windows of Plzeň, Czech Republic

Renowned for its Pilsen beer which was first created there nearly 175 years ago, Plzeň is the Czech Republic’s fourth largest city. I’ve taken a tour of the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Plzeň, culminating in a taste test of the cool beverage on a sizzling summer day. I’ve even researched a branch of my German-Austrian family in the city’sContinue reading “The Windows of Plzeň, Czech Republic”

Photo du Jour: Strolling Silhouette – Prague

Prague is, without a doubt, one of my favorite European cities, thanks to its incredible blend of architectural styles, its sweeping views, and its intriguing history. As a child, our dear family friend and my first piano teacher, Erna, shared fascinating tales of what life was like in Prague in the 1930s. These anecdotes aboutContinue reading “Photo du Jour: Strolling Silhouette – Prague”

Lessons From Erna: Remembering a Talented Musician, Teacher, and Friend

In a black and white image, bordered by a simple silver frame on my piano, she is seated behind the wheel of a classic roadster. Coyly sporting a riding cap, cream-colored driving gloves, and her trademark smile is a woman who not only taught me about arpeggios, flats, and sharps, but also about life, itsContinue reading “Lessons From Erna: Remembering a Talented Musician, Teacher, and Friend”