Welcome to Travels With Tricia.

Thank you for visiting my site — I’m Tricia Mitchell.

Nearly two decades ago, my life came full-circle when I returned to my European birthplace to work as a training manager and director of an educational program. My ensuing travels both nourished and stimulated my sense of curiosity.

When my husband, Shawn, and I met a few years later, we embarked on a sabbatical. During the journey, I became more minimalist in the way I approached possessions. I also developed an appreciation for slow travel. Eventually, Shawn and I started creating content and freelance writing.

I’m fortunate to have traveled to over 65 countries and to have met many incredible people throughout the world. Some of my highlights have included sharing meals with locals in Armenia, Tunisia, and Cambodia; sipping champagne with French cousins in Alsace; milking goats in a sleepy Bulgarian village; and training with a Japanese mine-clearance team in Laos.

My goal in sharing my tales here is to inform and inspire. Whether you’re planning a trip, or looking for an armchair adventure over a cup of coffee, I hope you’ll enjoy my stories.

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