Honoring the “Greatest Generation” at D-Day Commemorations in Normandy

Today, we commemorated the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy. In the village of Arromanches, we met a witty British veteran in his nineties with a love of Louis Armstrong and the foxtrot. He was an extraordinary conversationalist. On this day designated to pay tribute to him, he took time to ask questionsContinue reading “Honoring the “Greatest Generation” at D-Day Commemorations in Normandy”

Europe, Somewhere in Time: An Interview with Artist & Photographer, Maurice Sapiro

I recently happened upon the beautiful, timeless work of Maurice Sapiro, an accomplished photographer, painter and sculptor who calls Connecticut home. The images from his Europe gallery, circa 1956, are what captivated me: honey-toned scenes of Venetian gondoliers gracefully powering delicate boats across a lagoon; black and white images of Bavarians in frenzied celebration; silhouetted-figuresContinue reading “Europe, Somewhere in Time: An Interview with Artist & Photographer, Maurice Sapiro”

Love for La Tour Eiffel

I’ve long been a francophile. When I first visited Paris at the age of 16, my father snapped an image of me pretending to hold up the legendary structure. Thereafter, miniature versions of engineer Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece cropped up in my home – from an Eiffel Tower retro lamp base to a silver pendant onContinue reading “Love for La Tour Eiffel”

Memorial Day in Normandy

It was a fitting day to pay our respects at the American Military Cemetery in Normandy, France. Red, white and blue American and French flags adorned every snow-white marker in the cemetery. Clouds made scarce appearances in the sky. Mother Nature had rolled out her best weather. It was Memorial Day 2010. As we walkedContinue reading “Memorial Day in Normandy”

An Ascent at Notre Dame

This autumn, I found my new favorite niche of Notre Dame Cathedral… During past journeys to Paris, I’ve visited the Gothic masterpiece in varying seasons. I once rang in a new year on the edge of the Seine while the magnificent cathedral towered over revelers with her exquisite and graceful silhouette. On the chilliest ofContinue reading “An Ascent at Notre Dame”