A Bird’s Eye View of a Vietnamese Streetscape

For Vietnamese standards, this Nha Trang street is a quiet one. And for the uninitiated, it offers a great introduction to Vietnam’s infamous traffic — sans dodging a plethora of motorbikes or without going deaf due to a cacophony of honking horns.

Photo du Jour: The Ubiquitous Vietnamese Nón Lá Hat

From rice paddies to urban centers, wherever you roam in Vietnam, you’re likely to see ladies of all ages donning the traditional nón lá. In Vietnamese, nón lá means ‘leaf hat.’ This conical hat is sported to protect the wearer from rain or sun — whether she be tending to a rice paddy or selling fresh fruit onContinue reading “Photo du Jour: The Ubiquitous Vietnamese Nón Lá Hat”

Photo du Jour: Row, Row, Row Your Basket Boat – A Vietnamese Fisherman Hard at Work

Hard at work on a Tuesday morning, this Vietnamese fisherman looked exhausted as he rowed through the South China Sea’s choppy waves near Mui Ne. The woven bamboo boats, known as thung chai, are common in Vietnam. Surprisingly, they are reputed to be waterproof.