The Hunt for the ‘Original Zin’: A Wine Tasting Tour of Croatia

“From wine what sudden friendship springs!” John Gay We started the day in the seaside city of Trogir, Croatia on a quest to find Zinfandel’s ancestral home. By the day’s end, we’d not only savored many splendid glasses of wine, we’d also acquired a greater appreciation of Croatian culture while broadening our circle of internationalContinue reading “The Hunt for the ‘Original Zin’: A Wine Tasting Tour of Croatia”

Trogir’s Cathedral of Saint Lawrence: Radovan’s Magnificent Portal

For the past weeks, much like a diner on a progressive dinner savoring multiple courses, I’ve been the chance to slowly absorb the details of the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence in Trogir, Croatia. I first admired the twelfth-century structure from afar as we watched Trogir’s animated Carnival parade a few weeks ago. Despite the parade crazinessContinue reading “Trogir’s Cathedral of Saint Lawrence: Radovan’s Magnificent Portal”

Getting Acquainted with Trogir, Croatia

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” Freya Stark If there’s anything we’ve learned from mostly living on the road these past 15 months, it’s that travel can be disorienting, but in a lovely sort of way. One week ago, we left our winter wonderlandContinue reading “Getting Acquainted with Trogir, Croatia”