Making a ‘Split Decision’ in Croatia

With a need to escape the borders of Europe’s Schengen Zone, we packed our bags for the winter and made a ‘Split‘ decision to head to Croatia’s splendid seaside city of the same name. Incredibly, the city has been continuously inhabited for 17 centuries, ever since Roman Emperor Diocletian had his retirement palace built here.Continue reading “Making a ‘Split Decision’ in Croatia”

Photo du Jour: Saint Duje Cathedral & Spring Blooms – Split, Croatia

A branch of blossoms heralds spring’s return in seaside Split – Croatia’s second largest city. In the background is the city’s famous Sveti Duje /Saint Dominus Cathedral. Yesterday, we spent a delightful day exploring Split (more posts to come soon), which is home to Emperor Diocletian’s incredible palace complex, which was built in the 4thContinue reading “Photo du Jour: Saint Duje Cathedral & Spring Blooms – Split, Croatia”

The Hunt for the ‘Original Zin’: A Wine Tasting Tour of Croatia

“From wine what sudden friendship springs!” John Gay We started the day in the seaside city of Trogir, Croatia on a quest to find Zinfandel’s ancestral home. By the day’s end, we’d not only savored many splendid glasses of wine, we’d also acquired a greater appreciation of Croatian culture while broadening our circle of internationalContinue reading “The Hunt for the ‘Original Zin’: A Wine Tasting Tour of Croatia”