Greeting Autumn at the Heidelberger Herbstfest

What a splendid day for an autumn fest on Heidelberg’s Hauptstrasse or Main Street! With our bellies full with Neuer Wein (new wine), Zwiebelkuchen (onion pie), Bier, Bratwurst and Thai fare, we’re now at home resting, watching all the revelry from our fifth-floor apartment.

The day was full watching children try their hands at archery and a Renaissance ladder climbing game; shaking our hips to traditional polka tunes and French chansons; going back in time via items at a flea market filled with sentiment and history; and brushing shoulders with old and new friends.

The musicians and men in Renaissance garb are still making their rounds, with flags, bugles and drums in hand. I think they might just call us out for round two so we can partake in more action!

8 thoughts on “Greeting Autumn at the Heidelberger Herbstfest

  1. I read in the paper today that nearly 130,000 people crammed into the Old Town neighborhood for this fest. We had a super time and the Heidelbergers were at their happiest with the Bier and Wein flowing! Where are you traveling next?

    1. Andrew, what wonderful destinations you’re headed to – bon voyage to you! I was in Fes about 1.5 years ago and found the tanneries really interesting. We stayed in a local’s comfortable little riad directly in the medina. Next, we’ll be embarking on an Asian sabbatical for 3.5-4 months, starting in early November. First stop is Bali and then we’ll go from there!

  2. Tricia, thanks for stopping by and liking my “Herbst in Heidelberg” post.

    I found your blog, and it looks like you had a great time at the Herbestfest on the Hauptstrasse : great photos! Your photos are making me regret not coming to Germany a few days earlier to stop by my old haunts in Heidelberg. :)

    1. Hello, Henry & thanks for your message. Wishing you all the best on your upcoming RTW trip. Actually, my husband and I are planning to do something similar through Asia in the coming weeks! Perhaps our paths might cross as we’re tiptoeing around the world snapping images. Bis später!

  3. Thank you for the great Heidelberg post and photos. I googled Heidelberg Herbstfest, since i want to visit again, and you were at the top two spots. I lived there from ages 15-19 and completely fell in love with that city and surrounding hills, villages, etc.. There is a magical feel about Heidelberg, especially on warm nights with the castle lit up, floating above the old town. Thanks again for bringing back incredible memories, and i look forward to seeing your future travels.

    1. Greg, I’m glad to hear that my Heidelberg images brought back happy memories for you! I lived in Heidelberg from 2001-2011 and also found it to be a fairy tale city! My husband and I are now on sabbatical in Southeast Asia and even though we love it here, I miss my favorite spots in Heidelberg. If you want to reminisce more about HD, you might also enjoy these below posts. Here’s hoping you’ll make it back to one of the upcoming Herbstfests. The weather was so splendid for last year’s and I’m now getting cravings for the fest food! Thanks again for taking the time to comment. Tschüss!

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