Photo du Jour: Sunset on Heidelberg’s Hauptstrasse

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell . All Rights Reserved.

12 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: Sunset on Heidelberg’s Hauptstrasse

    1. Many thanks, Carole. Ah, that’s the street where we used to live in a 5th floor apartment. 87 stairs to contend with, but it had a great view! I miss the neighborhood so, but am pleased now that I snapped so many photos of that special spot.

      1. Translating is not easy. I’ve only done informal translations when my parents and French friends get together, and my brain got an incredible workout. What languages did you study?

      2. Yes, absolutely. However, other languages that are not based on Latin seem much more difficult. I tried learning Balinese last year and it was so hard (maybe I am just getting old?) because I could not anchor the words or even detect a word stem….

      3. Balinese – that’s impressive! Had you spent time in Bali, or what prompted you to study it? We were there for three weeks in 2011, and now I can only remember thank you, or ‘matur suksma.’ It’s fascinating how language families developed.

      4. I participated in a writer’s retreat and tagged on some solo time. Spent time in Candidasa in the SE, Ubud and Munduk in the North. My Bali travel memoir (still continuing) is unfolding under “Travel” and “Three Weeks in Bali”, if interested. Where were you in Bali?

      5. Bali seems as though it would be a wonderful place for such a retreat. We spent one week in Jimbaran, and two in Ubud. If I close my eyes and imagine, I can still here the nocturnal symphony of the crickets and other insects. Such a beautiful island, I can see why it’s inspired you to write your memoirs as you are.

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