Photo du Jour: A Rice Paddy Panorama in Ubud, Bali


If you have read Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll remember Ubud, which is featured quite prominently in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book. We have just arrived to our new home away from home, the Nirwa Homestay Ubud (affiliate link). The family run guest house is surrounded by a panorama of vibrant rice paddies. Our soundtrack is that of nature: soprano crickets, confident roosters and babbling canals.

rice paddies in Ubud, Bali

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell . All Rights Reserved.

11 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: A Rice Paddy Panorama in Ubud, Bali

  1. Hello, Victor, and thanks for subscribing! It’s a pleasure to have fellow adventurers and photographers joining along – in spirit – on our travels. Look forward to seeing more inspiration from Photobackstory, and learning blogging pointers from you as well!

    1. Jane, I’ve used that same descriptor many times while being here. It’s not just the natural scenery either — it’s the friendly locals, the offerings, the exotic and detailed architecture, the overall spirit of the place, and the way it makes one feel.

    1. Britt, I hope your travels will take you there soon then. We used it as a launching pad for our Southeast Asian adventure last year. The friendly people and lush scenery really make it special. Our highlights were a fire dance at the seaside Uluwatu Temple; spending an afternoon with Ketut Liyer of Eat, Pray, Love fame; learning how to make the floral offerings; and relaxing in our little homestay among rice paddies, just listening to nature’s symphony.

      1. Very awesome! Just checked it out. It’s amazing how Hollywood turns even the most remote places into tourist attractions. It seems that Ketut is handling his fame with grace. : )

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