Statuesque Bali

Bali’s statues and reliefs are extraordinary. Drawing spiritual inspiration from a blend of Buddhism and Balinese Hinduism, the figures wear coats of moss, and crowns of hibiscus and marigold flowers. They are statuesque indeed.

5 thoughts on “Statuesque Bali

  1. What a lovely subject to photograph. I can imagine these statues impart a kind of calmness over the country. Great photos – as usual. You will need to blog on your learnings of DSLR snapping to help us novices!

    1. It certainly is a vibrant place, TBM. I sometimes enjoy converting my images to black & whites, but with a rainbow of colors at my disposal, around every corner, it seems it would be a crime in such an environment!

      We’re saddened to leave Bali in a few days, but we’ve been so lucky to have spent 3 weeks here!

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