Photo du Jour: Smooth as Cambodian Silk

For centuries, Cambodians have been producing silk and creating woven masterpieces with it.

Once the silk has been carefully extracted from the silk worm’s cocoon, it is washed, twirled on to bobbins and boil-dyed either via a natural or artificial coloring technique.

I’m not sure if the silk samples featured here were colored naturally or artificially. Either way, the resulting colors are vibrant!

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: Smooth as Cambodian Silk

    1. Here’s hoping you’ll get some time to snap away this weekend, Victor!

      Glad you enjoyed the silk shots, too. Each finely-crafted item is such a work of art — and so much time and effort go into each piece.

      1. I did keep some as pets – they would spin cocoons after munching on mulberry leaves. it was pretty funny. So I have been intrigued ever since I found out that it was those fat worms that make such gorgeous silks! I cannot wait to see your post about it. I truly have no idea how it all happens!

      2. What unusual pets! I had critters that would’ve enjoyed eating yours as snacks (chameleons, toad, etc.). :-) I’ll be posting shortly! Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, Marina.

      3. That’s so funny – I guess they are unusual pets but it was all the rage at school, where we’d collect them from the mulberry trees. Those poor silkworms!

  1. The items in the gift shop of this silk farm were extraordinarily beautiful — unfortunately, photography was a no go there. (It was only allowed in the workshop areas.) Glad you enjoyed the shots, Jane!

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