Photo du Jour: Dirt Roads & Sunbrellas in the Laotian Countryside

While having a traditional noodle soup lunch in the Laotian province of Xieng Khouang, these ladies strolled past us. Laotian ladies – like those we met in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam –  go to great lengths to protect their skin from the sun’s vibrant rays.


Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

9 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: Dirt Roads & Sunbrellas in the Laotian Countryside

    1. Marina, and the pretty parasols are so much better than the alternative products found on Southeast Asian shelves – skin whitening and bleaching creams! Surprised that they’re even marketed for the male consumer here…

    1. Vijay, the ladies do look as though they are from another time and what a compliment about the pics having such a quality! Perhaps it’s the vintage look of their parasols and the antiquing function I processed them through.

      1. Tricia – I wanted to ask you about the above comment. The antiquing function ~ is that on your camera? Does it alter the edges of the photos or colour too I like the photos so much above. They do look like paintings – I agree with Vijay.

      2. Marina, when I uploaded the photos to iPhoto, I then used the ‘antique’ and the ‘edge blur’ effects. I like to snap the photos as is, and then from time to time, change the effects later (black & white, sepia, etc.) to create a more vintage look, etc. I’d love to delve more into the photo editing software that’s more sophisticated than iPhoto, but right now it’s more fun just capturing our adventures! I have Aperture as well but have yet to explore its features. Have you found any photo resources lately online that you’d recommend?

      3. Tricia – beyond the camera’s retouch program, I am clueless. I haven’t used iPhoto or anything else. I guess we’re kind of thinking the same things – taking pics, adjusting a little here and there. Bare minimum. I do like the idea of not retouching my photos though sometimes a story really calls for it! Thanks for replying. Keep on documenting all that beauty!

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