Little Ones, Big Smiles

Laos is a land of beautiful smiles, sported by those big and small!

We encountered these little ones at play in their village, just before sunset. The boys played with slingshots; they also engaged in a bocce ball or pétanque-like game. Instead of a silvery ball, the resourceful kids tossed flip flops.

They were as curious about us as we were about their way of life.

6 thoughts on “Little Ones, Big Smiles

    1. Thank you, mdphotographers for your kind comment! You’re right about such smiles – since we look instantly new and different to the children here, we’re either met with loads of smiles, or an expression that seems to say, “what planet have you just stepped off of?”

      When we get to a locale with regular speed internet, I look forward to checking out the photography on your site. (Our current spot in Laos isn’t really capable of viewing any photography websites – the speed is too escargot slow!)

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