Photo du Jour #49: Mother & Child – Kochi, India

In the southern Indian city of Kochi, this mother and child sported bindis between their eyebrows, as well as sparkly bangles and dramatic eye makeup. The young mother’s hair was also trimmed with a garland of fresh, aromatic jasmine – a practice that is customary with many of the ladies in the state of Kerala. On two separate afternoons, locals treated me to jasmine garlands, purchasing them from a flower merchant’s stand and then tying them into my hair. It was such a beautiful gesture and a generous way of sharing this custom with us. I was so very touched by my new friends’ random acts of kindness!

11 thoughts on “Photo du Jour #49: Mother & Child – Kochi, India

    1. I’m happy it struck a chord, Rachael. Whenever I go to India, I’m always impressed that some ladies wear elaborate saris, gold jewelry and flowers – even when picking tea leaves all day, or carrying bins of heavy soil on their heads.

    1. Travelingmad, thanks – a pleasure to meet you. How fun that you were able to wear the local accessories while in India. I just saw your sari picture – lovely! In what states of India were you?

      While in Munnar, I purchased one of the traditional Kerala saris (creme, with light blue and delicately-woven metallic gold). I look forward to having a special occasion to which to wear it!

      1. Thanks! I was in Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry. I love so much about Indian culture. It’s really beautiful. I also hope to have another occasion to wear my sari.

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