Photo du Jour: A Ride Through the Pink City – Jaipur, India

Woman riding bus in Jaipur, India

Even though my maiden voyage to India was nearly four years ago, I vividly remember that first afternoon exploring Jaipur, the so-called ‘Pink City’. With my  new camera in hand, I delighted in capturing images of vibrantly-painted elephants, bus passengers, and motorcyclists as the auto rickshaw I was riding in passed them. Naively, I initially thought I was pretty camouflaged, tucked away under the dark awning of that chugging rickshaw. Yet, the images of these bus passengers flirting with my camera’s lens illustrate that my camera and I instead stuck out like a sore thumb. :)

Man riding bus in Jaipur, India

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

19 Comments on “Photo du Jour: A Ride Through the Pink City – Jaipur, India

    • Thank you, Michel. Yes, that was a fun ‘window’ through which to see the Taj. :) I’ll look forward to seeing more of your images!

  1. Your new camera paid off! What kind? Your photos draw a straight line to the human condition and curiosity! Great stuff. -Renee

    • Renee, that was my new camera, c. 2008 – a Canon hybrid, we’ll say. Last fall, I got a Nikon D5100 (my first DSLR) and I’m loving it!

      Thank you for your great comment about my photographs, too! Until next time…

      • You’re quite good! Tell me about what wordpress theme allows for the lovely revolving slide show… that’s really great!

      • Thanks, Renee! The theme is ‘Forever’ and the post slider is free too. Perhaps it would be a good choice for your husband’s blog? :)

      • Thank you Tricia! I will be getting to your lovely/lengthy email soon, but was curious, if you found the blog format sufficient as a professional website. I see you have your amazing resume on one page… I’m just toying with this idea up putting up a second professional-oriented blog since I don’t need more than a page for my professional site, and love the elegant functionality of wordpress. I’ve seen a lot of authors use wordpress and it looks great. I also want a forum to interact with other professional writers and wp offers that. Do you find it suits your professional needs too?

      • Renee, this has been my first foray into blogging, and I’ve learned so much as I go. So far I’ve been quite pleased with WordPress. The technical support has been fantastic and the community feel and networking opportunities are great. I can see where it might be beneficial to have a professional site, as well as one that’s more of a branded blog, though. For now, I’m happy to have everything rolled up into one package. That might change in the future!

      • Thank you for the detailed, conscientious reply. That makes perfect sense – the for now and for later aspects! I’m about to start looking for a book agent and needed to prove I could do this and after looking around I’m already making changes and enjoying it more than I could have imagined!

      • How exciting that you are seeking out an agent, Renee! Will we need to wait ’til your book hits the press, or can you throw out a teaser as to the topic? :) All the best of luck to you!

      • The book is about my 2 years teaching in remote Alaskan villages… it’s a coming of age in the wilderness kind of memoir! And, soon I might be putting teasers on my blog about it! yes!

    • It’s funny how the curiosity runs both ways! :) As my rickshaw passed their bus, the mother and son popped their heads out the window and flashed glorious smiles. Sadly, I didn’t have the camera set to capture the fast-moving action. That second picture took on such a different tone – from a timid look (above) to a more gregarious gaze!

  2. Hi Tricia A. Mitchell,
    We appreciate your comments on our city Pinkcity – Jaipur, you can view more photos at

    • Manish, glad you enjoyed the images from Jaipur. How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful and special place; I look forward to checking out the photos from your contest/gallery and thank you for stopping by!

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