Scenes from Hoi An, Vietnam

Even on the most overcast of days, Hoi An’s streets are replete with color.

Salespeople stand before crumbling, mustard-colored buildings, enticing the young — and the young at heart — with bunches of fluorescent balloons.

Nearby, market stalls overflow with vibrant-colored produce. There are miniature bananas, silk scarves of every hue, and blue and white dishes with abstract landscapes delicately painted on them.

Fluffy, ginger-colored dogs rest on the pavement, watching the world go by.

And handmade lanterns brighten the streets — by day and by night.

Red Lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

Motorbike riding in Hoi An Vietnam

Merchants selling flowers in Hoi An Vietnam

woman selling bananas in Hoi An Vietnam

Baby mouthing menu in Hoi An Vietnam

Dog resting in Hoi An Vietnam

Man smoking in Hoi An Vietnam

Woman smoking with non la hat in Hoi An Vietnam

Colorful cloth fabric for sale in Hoi An Vietnam

Necklaces for sale in Hoi An Vietnam

Dolls for sale in Vietnam

Knick knacks for sale in Hoi An, Vietnam

Faced carved out of wood in Hoi An Vietnam

Man on bike in Hoi An Vietnam

Locals in Hoi An Vietnam

Boy carrying pink balloons for sale - Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An Architecture - building

Offering mums in Hoi An Vietnam

Street Sign in Hoi An Vietnam Bach Dang

Dog napping in Hoi An Vietnam

Ladies at Hoi An Marketplace

Ho Chi Minh and Tet New Year Decorations for sale in Hoi An Vietnam

Plates of Vietnamese food in Hoi An

Incense bundle in Hoi An Vietnam

Good Morning Vietnam shirt for sale in Hoi An

Hoi An Streetscape

Hoi An Streetscape with Palm Trees

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All rights reserved.


47 thoughts on “Scenes from Hoi An, Vietnam

  1. Wow, what incredible photographs! They are so vibrant and full of life – I have never been to Vietnam before, but whilst looking at these images I could literally hear the laughter, bustle and chaos, and smell the sweet incense. Not many pictures transport me like that. Thank you :)

    1. Furtherbound, what a great compliment – I’m flattered; thank you! I’m pleased that the photos allowed you to have a virtual sensory tour of Vietnam.

      I’ve left out a few other quintessential Vietnamese experiences in this post, specifically the delicious cuisine and the sea of motorbikes that whiz by in the busiest cities. Hopefully someday you’ll have the chance to visit Vietnam too. Will you do so on your ’round the world trip?

      Happy you stopped by! Thanks again.

    1. Hello Renee! I’ve been out of the loop this past week – flight from Germany, St. Louis, Chicago, family in Wisconsin, and now Canada. We’re really enjoying Toronto and seeing family here – it’s such a multicultural city!

      In case you couldn’t guess it, I highly recommend a visit to Vietnam. I think we spent three weeks there. Its diverse landscapes really surprised me. I don’t think it’ll change too much between now and when you eventually trek there, so no rushing! :)

      Thank you as always for your kind comment. I’ll touch base via email shortly.

      1. Tricia,
        Hope you’re getting settled back in stateside! I should also be in Toronto sometime in July to take my mother over to visit U of Toronto archives to research a Canadian ancestor of ours.

        You must be in a frenzy getting adjusted and health ins and stuff out of storage. Might make an interesting post b/c so few people understand all those logistics of the international wanderer!

        Best, Renee

      2. Hello again, Renee! Sounds as though you have such interesting family backgrounds – on both sides. I’m really enjoying our time in Canada; we’re now in Québec.

        Surprisingly, we’ll be returning to Europe after our weeks here in North America. We haven’t finalized much beyond that, but perhaps that’s a blog post in and of itself – new chapters yet undiscovered. :) Hope your summer’s still going well.

      1. We are here to attend a wedding and will be leaving on Sunday. I’ll be on a press trip next month to Montreal and Quebec City on invitation of the Quebec Tourist Office. Looking forward to that!! There are many French Canadians in Maine.

      2. Cornelia, I bet Maine is beautiful this time of year! We’ve been on the go a great deal this past week, but I look forward to checking out your pics from the U.S. in the coming days.

        It seems we’re headed to many of the same spots too. We’re hoping to get to Quebec City and Montreal in the coming days. We’re having a fun road trip of North America.

        Enjoy the wedding and the upcoming weekend!

        Safe travels to you.

  2. Great images, Tricia. The first and fifth photos are my favorites. Ban mei, ho teiu, pho’, goi ga are some of the Vietnamese foods I really miss. The strong coffee was also memorable. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jessie, I’ve just had a wonderful North American dinner, but am tempted by your mention of Vietnamese food! Like you, I also took a great liking to pho — also bánh xèo (seafood pancakes wrapped in rice paper) and traditional spring rolls. And the coffee was quite good! We had fun moments getting acquainted with the Vietnamese coffee press our first morning there.

      Thank you as always for your kind comments and hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

    1. Hi Sonali – thank you! I snapped thousands of pictures while in Vietnam – from the ladies’ hats, to the marketplaces (which were some of my favorites) there was so much to capture there.

    1. Greetings, Victor, and thank you! I’ve missed seeing everyone’s posts this past week while on the road, and wonder what fun parade or travel moment you’ve captured lately. Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Rachael, summer is a busy time for all of us it seems! I’m still trying to catch up on my photographic inspiration sites too. :) We’re planning to be in the western U.S. in a few days – I’m so looking forward to seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time!

    1. How kind, John, and additionally flattering coming from such a talented photographer! I feel very fortunate to have visited Vietnam and much of SE Asia. Hoi An was a picturesque spot, with so many photogenic faces.

      Here’s hoping that you enjoy the upcoming weekend! Will you be indulging your inner shutterbug? :)

      1. As its my wife’s birthday we are hoping to visit Castle Kennedy Gardens tomorrow……. even if its flooded…. so I may capture some flowers with rain drops on them.
        Best regards, and thanks for the compliment….

      2. John, sounds like a lovely birthday experience for her! Rain can cast such a romantic mood on a subject. Here’s hoping your wife’s birthday was enjoyable and that your photo sessions were a success. I shall look forward to seeing some of the blooms on your site soon.

    1. Hello Mark – welcome back! Yes, Hoi An was a vibrant place – from the mustard-colored buildings, to the colorful produce and flora, it was such a joy to photograph.
      Hope you’re enjoying the weekend, and I look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

  3. My, you have been to some very interesting places in this world. Great photography as well. What equipment are you using, if I may ask?

    1. Doug, yes, I’ve been very fortunate to have tiptoed to many special spots throughout the world. I have my parents to thank for my travel bug, and I lived in Germany for a decade, which allowed me to see much of Europe.

      I have a Nikon D5100 with an 18-200 mm lens. That’s the extent of the equipment for now, but there are a few more gadgets that have caught my eye!

      Glad to have connected – I found your site via your Santa Fe post, a city we’ll be exploring today and tomorrow.

    1. Merci, Roger; I’m pleased that you enjoyed a glimpse of Hoi An life. Have you had the chance to visit there?
      I’m so pleased that I found your site, via Marina’s, and look forward to more photographic inspiration!

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