Happy Canada Day Greetings, From Ottawa!

Canadian Flag on Toronto Building

Greetings from Toronto. ‘Tis a grand day to be in Canada, and what a wonderful road trip we’ve had through Ontario and Québec this past week!

Parliament with Canadian Flag - Ottawa

Two days ago, we explored lovely Ottawa on foot. In preparation for Canada’s birthday celebrations, which are taking place today, the capital city was getting dressed in an abundance of red, white and magnificent maple leaves. Dancers paraded to pounding tunes on stage in front of the Parliament building, rehearsing for the big day’s performances. On the other side of Wellington Street, an honor guard remembered an unknown soldier.

Canadian Flags on Toronto Building

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard Marching in Toronto

Father and Daughter Watching Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard Marching in Toronto

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard Marching in Ottawa

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard in Ottawa

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Honor Guard in Ottawa

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa

Parliament Building in Ottawa with Canada Day Stage

Red Flowers in Ottawa

Canada Maple Leaf Cookies for Sale in Toronto

We’re on the lookout for some sparkling fireworks here in Toronto tonight.

To my Canadian friends and family, I wish you a special day!

Canada's Parliament Building in Ottawa

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13 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day Greetings, From Ottawa!

    1. Happy Canada Day, Virginia! Are you participating in any festivities or creating your own – perhaps a culinary delight that’s Canada Day inspired?

      Glad you enjoyed the pictures; I can see why there’s so much patriotism here.

    1. Perhaps he can participate in some long distance celebration with some poutine or a Beaver Tail. :) Is he a fan of the traditional poutine? There were so many other tempting culinary treats to try – we just didn’t give it a whirl while in Québec.

    1. Don’t those sugar cookies look scrumptious, Madhu? At the bakery, they called them ‘Obama cookies’ since they were enjoyed by the President during his first state visit to Canada a few years ago.

    1. I’m happy we’ve connected! Yes, I’m very lucky to have explored much of the world, while meeting some extraordinary people along the way.

      I’m very inspired by your macro images and nature shots and look forward to seeing more, artizenimages.

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