The Laughing, Wild Horse

Horse colt and adult

Since I have grown up in a part of the United States that is very different from the high desert of Nevada, it’s been a joy to observe the flora and the fauna unique to the rugged American West. From geckos, coyotes and snakes, to sagebrush, tumbleweed and saffron-colored rabbit brush, I’ve emitted many squeals of delight these past months while touring the region. It has been the herds of stunning, wild horses that have most effectively captured my attention though!

In this photo series, a young colt tries his best to appear poised and proper, but soon, he erupts into what looks like mischievous laughter. In classic form, the elder horse remains stoic, not even knowing what the junior horse is doing behind his back.

Horse colt and adult

Horse colt and adult

Horse colt and adult

18 thoughts on “The Laughing, Wild Horse

    1. How special, Rachael! What type of lessons did you take? My childhood interactions with horses were limited to summer camp, for the most part. I still remember the beautiful horse I once rode, named Morocco. He had beautiful, auburn hair. It’s such a joy to see these horses in the wild here.

  1. Lovely horse’s pictures, Triscia! Yes, I myself was enchanded when (about 30 years ago) I spent 9 months in Wyoming… the real rought west! Around Casper was desertic (or almost) areas where some ranges had horses and cows… but near the border to Montana or in direction of the Black Hills, there you could find some wild horse roaming around… These are beautiful memories which always stay in my heart. Now, especially my two kids, spend all the free time with horser (or doing music)… Now I’m following your blog :-) you present really good pictures full with the emotionality of your feelings.
    Have a lovely day :-)claudine

    1. Claudine, ‘mille grazie’ for sharing tales of your time in the wild west and for leaving such a kind compliment! I was also in the same area (Black Hills, etc.) when I was a young girl, but I don’t remember being lucky enough to see the wild horses there, as you did. I do, however, remember the charming prairie dogs!

      Thank you so much for the follow and for taking the time to share your kind compliments. I shall look forward to tracking your adventures as well, and am quite happy that our paths have crossed.

      Until next time!

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