Photo du Jour: A Corona & the Eiffel Tower – Las Vegas

Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

Ce qui se passe à Vegas, reste à Vegas… Or perhaps, for French readers out there, Une indiscretion à Vegas reste un secret à Vegas. :)

During our visit to ‘Sin City’ while criss-crossing the continent earlier this summer, the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of the Old World ‘City of Lights’ – looked as though it was reaching toward a glowing corona radiating over the desert sky.

Where in the World?

14 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: A Corona & the Eiffel Tower – Las Vegas

    1. Thanks so much, Cornelia! I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like this corona before. Perfect timing. I think so many others were distracted by Vegas’ overstimulating environment, that they even overlooked it.

  1. Excellent light. I have to admit that after two visits to Vegas, I can honestly say if I never go there again it will be too soon. I really don’t like Vegas. Even the thought of it creeps me out. Our next trip to that part of the world will have to be via Phoenix or Salt Lake City.

    1. Rachael, this summer was my first time in Vegas. It was nice meeting my husband’s family friends who live there, and we also thought the Bellagio’s fountain show and botanical gardens were beautiful. I’m more of an ‘Old World’ girl, though, and I suspect you are too. :) We drove through Vegas as part of our long, but fun trip westward (Québec City to San Francisco). I thought of you and your family while we were there, remembering that image you shared of the amusement park high above the city. Thankfully, neither my husband nor I like rollercoasters. Observing the tourists engaging in revelry in Vegas certainly offered some interesting sociological and psychological glimpses though!

    1. Greetings Jessie – welcome, and thank you for your nice compliment. I have one of my real Eiffel Tower shots framed, with a harvest moon, but no wall space for anymore. :) Such a nice way to relive past travel adventures! Speaking of, it’s been a pleasure exploring your site; it’s always fun connecting with a fellow soul with wanderlust.

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