Photo du Jour: Living on the Edge – Trogir, Croatia


When it comes to heights, I’m a bit of an acrophobe. When I went to the Blarney Castle – determined to kiss the famed stone that endows the kisser with the gift of gab – it took a strange Irish man, my husband-to-be, and my future father-in-law ten minutes to coax me to smooch the stone.

Unlike me, this photogenic feline (or mačka in Croatian) is indeed no scaredy cat! For a few minutes, I watched from down below, trying to coax her away from the roof of a stone building she was sunning on. Fortunately, she didn’t jump to the shutter, which was precariously blowing in the breeze.

Cat on roofi n Trogir Croatia 3

Cat on roofi n Trogir Croatia1

18 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: Living on the Edge – Trogir, Croatia

    1. Lynne, I think kitty was assessing whether or not he could jump to the neighboring shutter, but perhaps spotted a plump critter running by? The locals must have found me a bit odd for spying on this rooftop action for so long.

  1. Lovely photograph Tricia! Cats have an almost suicidal love for heights! Mine was always perched at the edge of our window sill. Once she fell from the third floor, landed on her feet and waited for us to go downstairs to pick her up! It is nerve-racking watching her every time she goes near a window :)

    1. Maria, having grown up with dogs, I wasn’t that familiar with cat behavior, so this had me quite nervous! In Germany, I lived in a 4th floor (5th floor American) apartment and I’d sometimes see other neighborhood felines on rooftop perches.

      What a gymnast your cat is! Glad she landed unscathed.

  2. I would’ve found myself staying there all day, ready to catch her if she did ever jump (or fall – not that any cat is any kind of clumsy). Beautiful shots, Tricia, as always.

    1. Thanks, Sid – I must confess that I stood there ’til she walked away from the edge too. The locals gave me curious looks – I suppose it’s a common sight to see the cats acting like tightrope artists on these old roofs?

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