Photo du Jour #75: The Impish Canines of Trogir, Croatia

dog standing on street

During the early morning hours, the streets of Trogir belong to the city’s canine residents. The dogs (known as pas in Croatian) roam the network of narrow streets in the old town, going about their business in a carefree manner. Many are leash-less and solo, out for an adventure in the ancient town.

While out photographing last week, I rounded a corner and encountered this scruffy fellow.  He paused, as if I’d just caught him in the midst of a mischievous act, posed for the camera, and then trotted over to say hi, before making his rounds in the neighborhood.

Our favorite Trogir dog is a beige French Bulldog named Jacques. Every afternoon, Jacques goes for a walk along the Adriatic Sea, along with two equally-energetic puppy companions and his mistress. Jackques moves at such a breakneck pace that I’m not sure I’ll ever capture him on camera. :)

dog standing on street in croatia

16 Comments on “Photo du Jour #75: The Impish Canines of Trogir, Croatia

  1. That dog is one of the cutest! It’s color and that of the door’s are complimenting colors hihihi.

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