Easter Greetings from Croatia


A choir of church bells tolled just before midnight to usher in Easter’s arrival here in Trogir, Croatia. The fervor with which the bells rang was reminiscent of what we heard the night that the Catholic church chose a new pope.

dog in green and yellow field

Indeed, spring is officially in the air with dogs on safari in fields of yellow and green on the nearby island of Čiovo,

Trogir, croatia waterfront

and the city’s skyline cloaked in blue.

Mimosa flowers in Croatia in wicker basket

There are pipe cleaner-textured mimosa flowers at the market,

Easter bunny chocolates

and chocolate bunnies on store shelves, awaiting new basket homes.

Kamerlengo Fortress and flowers, crest of city of Trogir

The city’s crest is fashioned out of pansies beside the Kamerlengo Fortress,

Bishop statue's shadow in Trogir Croatia

with spring shadows and fragrant blooms abound.

Bishop statue's shadow in Trogir Croatia

pinky white flowers

Residents are taking their time,

woman carrying flowers in Trogir Croatia old town

snail in shell on road

soaking up every splendid detail of spring…

Happy Easter, or as they say here in Croatia, Sretan Uskrs!

spring flowers on Croatian island

green flowers on island of ciovo

basket of flowers

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “Easter Greetings from Croatia

    1. Marilyn, I’m not sure who that figure was, but I liked the shadow he cast. :) Thank you.

      I’m off to your site to see if you’ve shared any tales about how Easter is celebrated in Mexico. I guess I’d wrongfully assumed that eggs were a universal part of Easter celebrations around the world.

  1. I didn’t hear a choir of church bells but the sound of the abandon rig alarm, luckily it was only a drill, still it got me up early, 5am early. Hope you had a great Easter Tricia.

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