Photo du Jour: Commuting by Horse-Drawn Cart – Shkoder, Albania

Shkoder Albania Visit35

Transitioning from Montenegro, we’ve arrived in Shkoder, Albania, following a two-hour bus ride from Kotor to border-town Ulcinj, Montenegro, and one final ride from Ulcinj to Shkoder.

It is fascinating to watch the pace of life here in the semi-rural neighborhood where our guesthouse is located. Humble, vintage cars as well as luxury ones whiz by horse-drawn carts. Each morning and late afternoon, we can hear the clip clop of horses’ hooves on the road just outside our homestay’s courtyard, as a farmer sets off for home or work.

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

17 thoughts on “Photo du Jour: Commuting by Horse-Drawn Cart – Shkoder, Albania

    1. Carol, I agree that a slower pace is to be admired. I loved seeing our homestay hosts’ vegetable garden and orchard, in particular. As pretty as it is, though, it takes so much work to maintain. Given that the family produces about 90% of what they eat, it’s essential though.

      Finally, thanks for your nice comment about my pictures. I’m glad that we can all inspire each other in some way.

    1. Carol, all such kind compliments; thank you very, very much.

      We were lucky to be married in a beautiful setting, on a day Mother Nature gifted us with lots of snow, and we had a very talented photographer. :)

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