A Love Lesson from a Moroccan Wall

Marrakech Love on Wall 

The love we give away is the only love we keep.

– Elbert Hubbard

On a salmon-pink back alleyway in Marrakech, Morocco, I discovered a tribute to love’s enduring and universal nature.

Its medium was white chalk; the hand that drew it undoubtedly belonged to a child; its canvas was a rugged wall. That spring, as I explored an exotic land far from home, the sketch would symbolize to me love’s universal nature.

As I walked Marrakech’s calmer residential lanes solo, aiming to escape the bustling souk (marketplace) and experience Moroccan traditions, I encountered curious children of all ages. One group of boys enthusiastically kicked a soccer ball about. I snapped a photo of them as the ball rolled into the frame, seemingly on cue. I also passed a duo of boys ferrying bread dough to a communal oven for baking. When they saw I had a camera in hand, they hammed it up just long enough for me to capture a shot. Even as they skipped off into the distance, the baking trays remained impressively placed atop their little heads, indicating that they’d had some prior practice at this errand.

A year after that first solo jaunt to Morocco, I would return to the ‘Pink City’ with my mother. She was eager to see the exotic North African escape that had so captivated me with its lantern-making districts, silver mountains of tea paraphernalia, colorful spice pyramids, delicately-flavored foods, and welcoming people. Lost in the labyrinthine passageways, we unexpectedly explored new corners of the legendary city as well as lovely nooks and crannies I’d missed the year before. But one familiar scene alerted me that we’d also tiptoed on paths I’d explored the previous year.

We rounded a corner, and there it was — the same love doodle that had so charmed me the year before! Apparently, love was also quite enduring.

May you celebrate the enduring and universal spirit of love this Valentine’s Day!

Photography & text © by Tricia A. Mitchell . All Rights Reserved.

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Photo du Jour: A Lantern Maker in Marrakech’s Souk

A young man in Marrakech shapes metal strips that will later be used to form the skeleton of a jewel-toned Moroccan lantern. In the town’s souk or marketplace, a colorful array of these finished lanterns adorns stalls, making for a picturesque stroll by night when blocks are all aglow. Palaces and riads (traditional Moroccan townhouses) glimmer with windows fitted with this vibrant glass too.

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

Photo du Jour: Happy in Marrakech, Morocco

These faces of Marrakech, Morocco make me smile. Whether playing soccer on the dusty labyrinthine backroads of the ‘Pink City,’ working in a sun-drenched herb market or shuttling bread dough atop their heads to take to a communal oven, the young men’s faces exude happiness.

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.