A Love Lesson from a Moroccan Wall

“The love we give away is the only love we keep.” Elbert Hubbard On a salmon-pink back alleyway in Marrakech, Morocco, I discovered a tribute to love’s enduring nature. Its medium was white chalk. The hand that drew it undoubtedly belonged to a child. Its canvas was a rugged wall. That spring, as I exploredContinue reading “A Love Lesson from a Moroccan Wall”

Photo du Jour: A Lantern Maker in Marrakech’s Souk

A young man in Marrakech shapes metal strips that will later be used to form the skeleton of a jewel-toned Moroccan lantern. In the town’s souk (bazaar), a colorful array of these finished lanterns adorns stalls, making for a picturesque stroll by night when blocks are all aglow. Palaces and riads (traditional Moroccan townhouses) glimmer withContinue reading “Photo du Jour: A Lantern Maker in Marrakech’s Souk”

Photo du Jour: Happy in Marrakech, Morocco

These faces of Marrakech, Morocco make me smile. Whether playing soccer on the dusty labyrinthine backroads of this so-called “Pink City,” working in a sun-drenched herb market, or shuttling bread dough atop their heads to take to a communal oven, the young men’s faces exude happiness.