Photo du Jour: A Lantern Maker in Marrakech’s Souk

A young man in Marrakech shapes metal strips that will later be used to form the skeleton of a jewel-toned Moroccan lantern. In the town’s souk or marketplace, a colorful array of these finished lanterns adorns stalls, making for a picturesque stroll by night when blocks are all aglow. Palaces and riads (traditional Moroccan townhouses) glimmer with windows fitted with this vibrant glass too.

Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

19 Comments on “Photo du Jour: A Lantern Maker in Marrakech’s Souk

  1. The rain is beating at my window. The sky leaden. But I am in Marrakesh. Traveling the bazaars with Tricia. I’ve taken the tagine out of the cupboard. You’ve inspired me to chase away the gloom, and fill my kitchen with the perfume of exotic spices from a lamb tagine. Virginia

    • I love it, Virginia! :)

      So, how did the tajine turn out? How I miss the fresh orange slices with a splash of orange blossom water and cinnamon. Bon appétit!

      • Sublime! I used the recipe I have on my food blog Mrs. Butterfingers, and substituted the lamb for the chicken. It was a mystical night at the Casbah.

      • I didn’t know that you also have a blog devoted to food, Virginia. I’ll certainly have to devote some time to peruse it! What a Renaissance woman you are.

      • Tricia the recipes are tried and true. Some from our various restaurants, but all from the heart. Virginia

  2. Tricia, what a beautiful post. I like how you keep us guessing with the blakc and white image at the top – I wonder what colour the lantern is above the maker. I just love the vibrant colours and look forward to ticking off Morocco on my large list:)

    • Marina, that opening lantern is actually quite neutral – so un-Moroccan! I did pick up two colorful ones, though – blue & a deep eggplant color.

      You will adore Morocco! From the unique cuisine, to the friendly people and exotic architecture and bazaars, it’s so fun to explore.

      Thanks as always for stopping by, Marina. I just subscribed to your yoga blog – hope it’ll inspire me to hit the yoga mat again very soon.

      • Tricia – Morocco looks just lovely and the artisans in the area would be so inspiring to meet :) Just like your photo shows. I am glad you subscribed to my yoga blog.. I will be posting something soon. Just getting some coursework done which is delaying things !!!

  3. Beautifully atmospheric. You did extremely well to control what was a very difficult exposure indeed!

    • Thank you, Rachael. I must confess that these shots were snapped two cameras ago with my point & shoot. :) Oh, again, I wish you were in the same neighborhood so you could give lessons!

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