Photo du Jour: The Santorini Donkey

A donkey, decked out in colorful beads and an evil-eye amulet, awaits the day’s passengers on the stairs leading up to the village of Fira, on the island of Santorini. When visitors arrive to Santorini’s Old Port via cruise ship or boat, they have three ways to make it up to the town of Fira:Continue reading “Photo du Jour: The Santorini Donkey”

Photo du Jour: A Rock Climber Conquers Adrachti, in Meteora, Greece

“It’s not just a question of conquering a summit previously unknown, but of tracing, step by step, a new pathway to it.”  Gustav Mahler Look carefully at the top of this dramatic, finger-like rock formation, and you’ll see a tiny human silhouette.

Photo du Jour: A Greek Orthodox Icon – Kastraki, Greece

A Greek Orthodox icon is drenched in sunlight in the Greek village of Kastraki, not far from the famous Meteora monasteries. Spring is in full swing in this beautiful part of southeastern Europe, with a bounty of roses, mint, mulberries, and (almost-ripe) cherries awaiting a picker. In the image, you’ll also notice the flags of Greece, asContinue reading “Photo du Jour: A Greek Orthodox Icon – Kastraki, Greece”

Photo du Jour: St. John Orthodox Church at Sunset – Ohrid, North Macedonia

A boat glides across the golden, shimmering surface of Lake Ohrid on the eve of Orthodox Easter. A silhouetted version of Saint John at Kaneo stands guard in the background. Archaeologists think that the church was built before the rise of the Ottoman Empire, perhaps in the 13th century. Frescoes adorn Saint John’s dome; they were discovered in the 1960s.

Photo du Jour: Commuting by Horse-Drawn Cart – Shkoder, Albania

Transitioning from Montenegro, we’ve arrived in Shkoder, Albania. To get here we had a two-hour bus ride from Kotor to the border town of Ulcinj, Montenegro. Then, we traveled from Ulcinj to the Albanian city of Shkoder. It is fascinating to watch the pace of life here in the semi-rural neighborhood where our guesthouse is located.Continue reading “Photo du Jour: Commuting by Horse-Drawn Cart – Shkoder, Albania”

Photo du Jour: The Flight of a Bumble Bee – Perast, Montenegro

In the sleepy town of Perast, Montenegro, we were drawn to a canopy of wisteria, intoxicated by its delicate perfume and enchanting, lavender hue. The symphony of hundreds of bees at work enhanced the moment.

Photo du Jour: The Rector’s Palace by Night – Dubrovnik

To celebrate our arrival in Dubrovnik earlier this week, we strolled along its glimmering stone streets by night. Many of the city’s visitors had departed via cruise ship, and we had the city’s streets much to ourselves (well, certainly much more so than on a bustling summer evening).