Photo du Jour: Spring Blooms – Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

In celebration of spring’s return here in Croatia, (and hopefully soon for those of you in chillier climes), I share this image from my photo archives, taken at the magnificent Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.

Photo du Jour: Saint Duje Cathedral & Spring Blooms – Split, Croatia

A branch of blossoms heralds spring’s return in seaside Split – Croatia’s second largest city. In the background is the city’s famous Sveti Duje /Saint Dominus Cathedral. Yesterday, we spent a delightful day exploring Split (more posts to come soon), which is home to Emperor Diocletian’s incredible palace complex, which was built in the 4thContinue reading “Photo du Jour: Saint Duje Cathedral & Spring Blooms – Split, Croatia”

Photo du Jour: The Impish Canines of Trogir, Croatia

During the early morning hours, the streets of Trogir belong to the city’s canine residents. The dogs (known as pas in Croatian) roam the network of narrow streets in the Old Town, going about their business in a carefree manner. Many are leash-less and solo, out for an adventure in the ancient town. While out photographing lastContinue reading “Photo du Jour: The Impish Canines of Trogir, Croatia”

Photo du Jour: Living on the Edge – Trogir, Croatia

When it comes to heights, I’m a bit of an acrophobe. When I went to the Blarney Castle – determined to kiss the famed stone that endows the kisser with the gift of gab – it took a strange Irish man, my husband-to-be, and my future father-in-law ten minutes to coax me to smooch the stone.Continue reading “Photo du Jour: Living on the Edge – Trogir, Croatia”

Photo du Jour: A Bejeweled Horse – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The magic of Angkor Wat and magnificent Cambodian temples like Ta Prohm and  Bayon is all in the details: richly-carved female devata and apsara bas-relief figures, a visiting Buddhist monk clad in a tangerine-colored robe spotted amid the grey structures, a handsome horse wearing a bejeweled bridle in Angkor Wat’s fore.

Photo du Jour: Hello, Sunshine! – Udine, Italy

“Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.” Victor Hugo A shimmering sun greets passersby from the clock tower of the Loggia di San Giovanni. The graceful, 16th-century structure commands a prime spot on the Piazza della Libertà, in Udine, Italy.

Photo du Jour: Coffee Crybaby – Oberammergau, Germany

An image of a grumpy baby adorns the wall of a bakery in Oberammergau, Germany, enticing customers with the establishment’s promise of a tasty cup of joe. The poster reads: “Still tired? Here, you’ll find really good coffee.”

Photo du Jour: Saved by a Superhero in San Francisco

During a recent jaunt to San Francisco, we were attempting to cross the street when a hurried driver came rushing into the crosswalk. In a scene out of a comic book, our hero stopped traffic — much to the chagrin of the motorist. :)