Into the Wild American West: Genoa, Nevada

Named after Genoa, Italy, but pronounced juh-NO-ah, unlike its Italian namesake, the Nevadan town of Genoa epitomizes the American West. Founded in 1851, Genoa is Nevada’s oldest settlement, and it has the distinction of having had Nevada’s first court, hotel, newspaper, and even its first ‘thirst parlor.’ Like nearby Virginia City, which offers similar wild west charm, Genoa, NevadaContinue reading “Into the Wild American West: Genoa, Nevada”

A Day at the Virginia City Camel & Ostrich Races

Every September, camels, ostriches, and jockeys from around the world converge on Virginia City, Nevada for the former mining town’s International Camel & Ostrich Races. We attended the quirky event last year, and it’s taking place again this weekend for the 54th time.

Azure Skies, Emerald Firs and Sparkling Lake Tahoe: A Second Anniversary Celebration

In 2010, I was twice married — to the same groom. As if describing two seasonal palaces, my husband and I like to playfully refer to our two marriages as the ‘summer wedding’ and the ‘winter wedding’.  Whereas some spouses have a difficult time remembering one wedding anniversary, we aspire to remember the date weContinue reading “Azure Skies, Emerald Firs and Sparkling Lake Tahoe: A Second Anniversary Celebration”

Photo du Jour: A Solar Corona and Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower

Ce qui se passe à Vegas, reste à Vegas… Or perhaps, for French readers out there, Une indiscretion à Vegas reste un secret à Vegas. :) During our visit to ‘Sin City’ while criss-crossing the continent earlier this summer, the Eiffel Tower – the symbol of the Old World ‘City of Lights’ – looked as thoughContinue reading “Photo du Jour: A Solar Corona and Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower”

A Sky Aglow: Up with the Great Reno Balloon Races Dawn Patrol

Like paper lanterns rising to the heavens in the Far East, the radiant balloons twinkled in unison during the Dawn Patrol that was to precede the Great Reno Balloon Races.  Only seven balloons – those which were qualified to fly in the dark – participated. The flying conditions at night can be dangerous since atmosphericContinue reading “A Sky Aglow: Up with the Great Reno Balloon Races Dawn Patrol”

The “Laughing” Wild Horse in Nevada

I grew up in a part of the United States that’s very different from the high desert of Nevada. As a result, it’s been a joy to get to know the flora and the fauna unique to the rugged American West. From geckos, coyotes, and snakes, to sagebrush, tumbleweed and saffron-colored rabbit brush, I’ve emitted manyContinue reading “The “Laughing” Wild Horse in Nevada”