Photo du Jour: The Gargoyles & Grotesques of Notre Dame


In the shadows of the Notre Dame Cathedral, we waited for just under an hour to ascend the 387 stairs of her north tower.

Once high above the rooftops of Paris, we strolled about the Galerie des Chimères marveling at the figures there. The statues gazing at La Tour Eiffel and Sacré Coeur are technically not gargoyles since they are spoutless. Also, the animal hybrids are not original to Gothic masterpiece Notre Dame as they were added during renovations in the nineteenth century.

Gargoyle or not, these grotesques indeed have some of the grandest views of Paris!



Where in the World?

Photography & text © Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

12 Comments on “Photo du Jour: The Gargoyles & Grotesques of Notre Dame

    • Isn’t it great that you can drive there pretty quickly, though? :) That’s something I loved about living in Heidelberg. We also miss the City of Lights, as well as France. Here in Banaue, we’ve met a great French couple from Alsace. Makes me homesick…just for a brief moment though! The breathtaking sites here in the Philippines and beyond are a great distractor. What’s your favorite corner of Paris?

    • Merci beaucoup, Ron! How I miss Paris. I cannot believe it took me a few visits there to finally make it up among the gargoyles of Notre Dame. Splendid views! Have you been to that spot?

    • I’m so flattered, Suzanne! I’m off to explore the sites of the other winners, and thank you for your recognition. Sending my best holiday wishes to you.

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