The National Revival Architecture of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Bulgarian National Revival Plovdiv Bulgaria

Accessed via Plovdiv’s winding streets – which resemble cobblestone moguls because of their varied topography – are fine jewel-toned homes that epitomize Bulgaria’s National Revival architectural style. These mansions in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second-largest city, are decorated with stained-wooden shutters and trim. The buildings are also embellished with flourishes that depict peacocks, flowing ribbons, and flowers.

The National Revival style developed as Bulgaria regained its independence from the Ottoman Empire, which had occupied the country for nearly five centuries. Bulgarians often refer to this period of history as one during which they were “under the Ottoman yoke.” During the National Revival there was renewed interest in not only architecture, but also in literacy, culture, and education.

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Planning Pointers:

  • For more information about the city of Plovdiv and its Stari Grad district, see the Plovdiv Tourism Board site.
  • Do you like collages? From more windows of the world, to fancy horse tails and delectable Spanish appetizers, take a peek at my collage series.

Photography & text © by Tricia A. Mitchell. All Rights Reserved.

19 thoughts on “The National Revival Architecture of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

  1. My clever Mother always said “windows are the eyes into the soul of a home”. These windows are pure magic. Enchanting and delightful and all things wonderful. It is such a joy to travel with Tricia and see the world through your discerning eyes. XX Virginia

    1. Virginia, “discerning eyes” – that’s high praise coming from a talented lady such as yourself. :) Thank you for that compliment, and for sharing your mother’s quote. It sounds as though you’ve drawn a lot of your creative energy from her.

    1. Lynne, it is fascinating thinking about how art movements begin, and how some borrow from previous ones. With this style, I love the use of vibrant colors, and all the flourishes that frame rooftops, windows and doorways. Must look cheery and inviting even in winter!

    1. Jenna, I bet you’ve amassed quite a collection from our recent moments in Brazil! Indeed, it is fun to see how architecture changes from place to place. With so many different cultural influences in this part of the world, it’s fascinating to see the significant variety southeastern Europe has to offer.

  2. So beautiful, so many variations, so much delicacy!
    People were so much more creative and there was a lot more diversity in the past. I hope the modern World becomes more artistical again.

    1. Escape Hunter, hello and thank you for your comment. I agree that diverse architecture, and a great attention to detail, seem to have been somewhat lost, at least in the United States. Kudos to those artisans who are keeping artistic traditions alive, as well as to those who are innovating. :)

    1. Agreed that Plovdiv has a lot of character! Aside from just wandering, one of my highlights was taking in a performance in the city’s Roman theater. My husband and I don’t speak Bulgarian so we didn’t understand the actors, but the experience made my husband’s birthday memorable. What sites / experiences were your highlights?

      Since Plovdiv is slated to be a European Capital of Culture in 2019, I’m wondering if the increased attention will cause it to change much?

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